Doing Stuff in Dunedin and Farewell Fran

Back in Dunedin by Saturday 2nd October we redoubled our efforts to get things done. There was still lots to do to sort out wedding things and us things. Plus people to catch up with. So began another hectic couple of weeks. We were staying at Wingatui and tried to limit ourselves to one trip to town per day.

There were doctors and dentists and lawyers and tyres for the car. And photographers and florists and musicians and caterers and invitations. And friends and family and tennants. And Wyn’s cat Fran. Fran’s health had been deteriorating for some time  and it came time to say goodbye – the day before she disappeared. Fran wasn’t a cat who travelled far but she sure as heck had lots of friends all over the place.

By Monday 11th October we moved to the Leith Valley camping ground to make it easier to dash all over the place.  This allowed a more hectic pace which was mostly useful. We had a deadline in that we had to get Suzi to the motorhome hospital in Christchurch first thing Friday morning 15th October so that helped focus our minds. The invitations were coming along so that I was able to zoom backwards and forwards to the wonderful folk at Speedprint to get bits sorted.

Things kind of fell into place or fell off the list. It was 3.45pm by the time we finally headed north from Waitati – six weeks from when we’d first arrived in Dunedin. Wow! Where did the time go? There’s never time to catch up with everyone we want to and that’s how it goes, I suppose.

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