Picturesque Picton


Another December day we had an outing to Picton. It’s hardly more than 20 minutes away from Blenheim and a nice place on a nice day.  It’s a busy sort of place. It seems like somewhere that most people are coming and going; some interisland by ferry and some intersounds by smaller boats. Hands up anyone who has stayed a night in Picton?  We had a relaxing day, enjoying the waterfront area and watching the boats coming and going. And did I mention about the boats?


Picton's main street


Picton's waterfront - the grassy bit between the cafes and the water


Boats coming and going at Picton

Wyn at Picton

Wyn relaxing in the lovely little garden on the waterfront.


Picton waterfront and interesting clouds.

Cabbage trees Picton

Crikey! The cabbage trees were going for it this summer. It means something about next winter when the cabbage trees flower profusely - either it's going to be a good or bad winter or something.

Queen Charlotte Sound

Across Queen Charlotte Sound from Picton lookout. There is a triangular headland/hill in the middle of the photo. To it's right is Torea Bay and hidden behind it is Torea Saddle which we visited in November when we went to Portage. The ridge rising to the left is the one we walked up on the Queen Charlotte Track which gave us a good view back to Picton.

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