Countdown to Takeoff

Yesterday morning we farewelled Laura – back home to Dunedin and school on Monday. We took her out to the airport and watched her go. It was sad to see her off and exciting to think it’d be us there in another days time flying out ourselves. Did we ever mention our impending holiday? Some people probably think we’re on holiday much of the time. But this is a holiday holiday, and our honeymoon. 7 weeks in South East Asia. We have return tickets Christchurch to Kuala Lumpur, arriving Monday morning. And train tickets out of KL to Butterworth/Penang for Monday night. And that’s it for bookings and fixed plans.

Our plan/idea/concept is to travel overland north to Bangkok, north to Laos, somehow to northern Vietnam (maybe via Southern China), south through Vietnam and back to Thailand through Cambodia and then back to Kuala Lumpur. It’ll be a bit of an adventure and a new experience no matter how far we get. The theme is flexibility. And light. We’re trying to travel light. This in itself is a new experience for me. I like to be prepared with everything I might possibly need plus a spare. It looks like we’ll leave with only one backpack for us both – plus a day pack each. The idea is to arrive in the clothes we fly in and see what we need from there. Apparently it’s warm in SE Asia so how hard can it be?

After seeing Laura off we did a few last-minute things before heading back to Weedons. There are about a thousand loose ends to tie up so we started on them. We’re not sure how things will work out with communications while we’re away. We’re going to rely on internet cafes and pigeons and I’m not sure how I’ll cope without Facebook. Is this why people used to have books?

So now it’s Sunday and I was up too early because I couldn’t sleep thinking about the 400 remaining loose ends to sort out. Wyn has lists and ticks them off. It seems such a good idea. I just don’t worry about it until I start worrying about it. Then I wish I’d had lists etc. At least I wasn’t up all night. That’s a first for me.

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  1. latoyah says:

    Hey there fellow travellers!
    hope you arrived safe and well in KL
    post another blog when you can im soo exicted to know how it is over there! be careful what you eat ;0) love yas xx

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