Keeping the Customers Satisfied

Saturday back in Blenheim we had a sort out and catch up and Sunday we started work at the motels we’d be managing for a week and a half.  It’d been 4 months since we’d left so there were a few things to remember.  But we were soon back into it. There’s a natural flow to each day – stuff that has to be done – and we slipped into the routines. The days slipped by as well – there’s not a lot of spare time between 7am and 9pm. We were on a countdown to our holiday and trying to get a few things ticked off each day. Things like vaccination boosters. And hair cuts. And car servicing and physio. And trying the on-line check in for AirAsia. Don’t ask how that went!

My daughter flew to stay in her school holidays on Friday evening. It was great to have her to stay and we got her going helping us out. Sunday was the start of the snow further south but it didn’t quite reach Blenheim. But the effects did. Monday was busy with guests who couldn’t get south from Blenheim and guests who couldn’t get north to Blenheim. Talk about win-some-lose-some. Tuesday things were starting to move southwards and we had a week of cold nights and sunny days.

Thursday we finished at the motels and loaded up the truck and headed south ourselves. With Laura we drove down to Christchurch and parked up for the night at Weedons, just out of Templeton. Friday was shopping day. We went in to Hornby. Parking at suburban malls is diabolical – maybe worse for being school holidays. We ended up across the road at Dressmart and went our own ways there and across the road at the mall. Eventually we retreated to Weedons, happy to escape the hordes.

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