Bay of Plenty Beaches

Wyn finished her training at the packhouse on Thursday 8 March and we headed off to the beach. We left the car behind and took just Suzi motorhome. Where the road first reaches the coast east of Te Puke there is a small parking place – called Sandpit locally. The official name of the area is Otamarakau. We parked up there for a couple of days – days of sun and wind. We enjoyed regular windy walks on the beach – it goes forever to the east.

Motorhomes at Sandpit

Motorhomes at Sandpit

suzi Motorhome at Sandpit

Suzi Motorhome at Sandpit

Wyn on the Beach at Sandpit

Wyn Walking on the Beach at Sandpit

Moon Rising Over Whale Island

Moon Rising over Whale Island

On the Sunday the wind dropped and we moved to Matata where there is a delightful DOC camp beside the beach. It is a camp that they have taken over from the local council and community and it is very well run. And very popular. DOC would do well to use it as a model for other camps but I fear they’ll change it to be like their other camps. It’s hard to find the perfect DOC camp, but this one – beside the sea and only a five minute walk to the shops for the Weekend Herald – it might just be that 10/10.

 Whale Island - Bay of Plenty

Whale Island – Bay of Plenty

 Surfcasting - Bay of Plenty

Surfcasting – Bay of Plenty

 Matata - Bay of Plenty

Matata Lagoon – and Clouds

 Beach at Matata

Checking Out the Beach – Matata

 Wyn on Beach at Matata

Wyn on the Beach – Matata

 Surfcasting at Matata - Bap of Plenty

Surfcasting – Matata

Sunday was overcast first, then wet. We headed back through Te Puke to Tauranga where Wyn had an appointment. Then we had a drink in a bar with a live band in the afternoon. Later we wandered along the street to the Fish Market for tea. It’s hard to find the perfect fish and chip shop but this one –  $3.60 fish-of-the-day was Snapper, superbly cooked – it might just be that 10/10.

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