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This is our 400th post to this blog thing. That’s from back in May 2008. I never imagined still being going 400 posts and 4 years on. The average of less than 100 per year shows my shortcomings as a blogger – I think I’m supposed to aim for a post per day. My usual excuse is about either being busy working or being busy relaxing.  It is interesting to see which posts have been the most read ones. Walking in the Wither Hills from September 2010 has had over 130 “views” – that was a collection of photos of several walks in the Wither Hills near Blenheim.

Wither Hills
East from Rotary Lookout Wither Hills – view towards Cloudy Bay

The Sawcut Gorge post from August 2010 has been “viewed” over 210 times – and still gets found by a number of searches. This one contains my favourite photo so far – I like looking at it and reflecting that I captured that one.

Wyn Sawcut Gorge
Wyn walking through Sawcut Gorge. I’m leaving this photo full size as it’s one I’m very happy with.

But far and away the most viewed page is one that wasn’t even anything to do with motorhoming in New Zealand. The post Ron Meuck Sculpture Exhibition has had over 520 “views” and still gets a steady trickle. This was a post with many photos of the amazing sculptures of Ron Meuck. This is also a bunch of photos I’m happy with, given the low-light no-flash requirements. It still surprises me that he allowed photography. The old Fuji Finepix 6500 did me proud.

Ron Meuck sculpture
Ron Meuck sculpture exhibition

This blog remains an attempt to let family and  friends know what we are up to. But it is also fun to share views of New Zealand with everyone. If it inspires anyone to visit anywhere then that’s something.

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