A Few Technical Issues

Currently this blog is experiencing a few technical issues. It’s all my fault – I fiddled with things! I’m trying to get photos and galleries under control, and am sort of getting there. Yesterday I even managed to sort out the slideshow function that was on offer on some pages/posts. And got it to work! And on only my third try! Normally things like that seem to take about 37 attempts. By which time I am muttering Einstein’s definition of insanity – “repeating the same action and expecting a different result”. Mind you Einstein never had to work with computers.

Anyway, encouraged by that success I went on to fiddle with the menu/tab things across the top. It looked like it would be much simpler. It was a big trap and I walked right into it. Theoretically nested/cascading menu/tabs should have been easy. Huh! After 15 tries (and 1 cry) I went looking for help and discovered that it’s not that easy. It seems I’m missing something or other that’ll involve research and head scratching and worry and another 22 tries. Oh yes and more time! Who was it that claimed computers would be a time-saving device?

I’d feel stupid, but for the lovely fact that when I finally remember to google “why the flaming heck do my nesting menu things not blimmin’ well nest?” I get pages of responses showing hundreds of people asking almost the exact same question. That doesn’t prove I’m not stupid but there is a warmth knowing that I’m amongst friends.

So, there have been a few changes around here, hopefully for the better. And a few things mucked up, hopefully that’ll get fixed when I get around to it. Change is as good as a holiday, apparently.

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