Photo of the Day #13 (SE Asia Day 3 – Penang)

Georgetown templeThe third day of our travels last year was the first day we woke and went to bed in the same place. We got off to a flying start but hoped to spend at least a couple of nights in most places. The plan was to spend more days in fewer places. It was hot and muggy and having come from the depths of NZs winter, we were zapped. Georgetown on Penang Island is easy enough to get around, and we figured out how to get a bus out to one of the temples.

The most interesting one was a wonderful rambling temple over many levels with many surprises. There was a massive standing statue thing at the top level and everything imaginable in between. There was a pool with dozens of turtles climbing all over each other. And a construction site for some expansion. A restaurant where we enjoyed an air-conditioned late lunch on the way down.

My favourite photo is of some happy/contented guys in a glass cabinet.There’s lots of smiling Buddhas in Asia. They look so happy/contented/serene it’s infectious.

Georgetown temple

Temple statues, Georgetown, Penang Island, Malaysia.

Gallery of photos – Travels in South East Asia August-September 2011

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