Piwakawaka Bay – Pelorous Sound


Piwakawaka BayPiwakawaka is Maori for fantail – as in fantail birds. There you go, maybe you learned something? Don’t say this blog isn’t educational. I learnt something anyway. Elaine Bay is a bit of a secret and the walks from there are even bigger secrets so it’s lucky you’re hearing about Piwakawaka Bay at all.

Anyway, we were in walking mode so the day after our walk to Deep Bay we headed back to Piwakawaka Bay. It’s a lovely little track around from Elaine Bay, climbing through delightful beech forest before descending to the bay. It was a warmer day than the previous ones and Wyn went wading in for a swim. She maintained it wasn’t cold and enticed me in. It actually wasn’t too bad for the sea in December.

I did wonder what Piwakawaka meant. I wondered if Pi had a bit of double vision from too much flax wine when he was looking for his canoe. Turns out it means fantail, which makes it a lovely name. I fancy myself as a bit of a fantail whisperer. I speak a bit of fantail – or imagine I do. They don’t but they do come to listen to my attempts.

Elaine Bay

Elaine Bay in sunny mood

Piwakawaka Bay, Pelorous Sound

Piwakawaka Bay, Pelorous Sound

Piwakawaka Bay, Pelorous Sound

Wyn contemplating a swim at Piwakawaka Bay, Pelorous Sound


Bellbird – not a Piwakawaka – at Piwakawaka Bay

Pelorous Sound

Pelorous Sound from Piwakawaka Bay

Gallery of photos – Back to the Marlborough Sounds December 2012

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