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Old Town LijiangAfter my success yesterday getting to post an actual picture from our travels, I’m going to try to repeat my efforts. Today has been a wet sort of day. The rain set in after we started walking/wandering around the old town area of Lijiang. Eventually we took refuge in the Prague Cafe. Before heading back out to throw ourselves in front of a taxi to get back to our guesthouse. Where we have rested  up and think we have sorted out transport arrangements for getting to Tiger Leaping Gorge tomorrow.

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  1. Tania Gordon-Glassford says:

    Hi, we are a couple looking at going into the Olivine Ice Plateau in January 2015. We note in your blog that you had stuff flown in – can you remember who you used and where the stuff was flown to? It could be just what we are after!

    Thanks, Tania Gordon-Glassford

    • Ross says:

      Crikey Tania. That trip was slightly over 40 years ago! Hopefully things have evolved since then. We were not proud of what we did with our rubbish and packaging. Some of us went all purist and we did two more trips to the Ice Plateau in 1979 and 1985 without any aircraft involved. Both involved extensive time above bushline and in 1979 we lived in a snowcave on the plateau for about 4 days. With more thought we ate better food than the time we flew stuff in. Although if there is only two of you I am sure it is harder. I eventually campaigned against air access to wilderness areas, seeing that as a simple way of limiting access. Some might say that is an elitist approach but I could never see merit in the argument that all people should be allowed access to all areas.
      Anyway I hope you are able to get to where you want to go, preferably without air support. I’d be interested to hear how you get on.

      • Tania Gordon-Glassford says:

        Hi Ross, I’ve just found your response – shows how much I know about blogs! Five of us will fly in to Olivine hut this Sunday and from there carry all supplies onward. Will be heavy packs for a day or two but then will get easier. We get your stance on limited access; in the end this is what will keep it such a special place.
        Hoping for good weather!

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