To China and Back …

Sorry about the silence. The difficulties and frustrations got the better of me. Posting just got too hard. I think having my web stuff hosted in the US might not have helped. I could sort-of access my blog stuff, but everything was sooo slooowwww. I thought I might be immune because my blog is not hosted by or etc. Those ones definitely don’t work in China. But I guess my blog does include the word ‘blog’ in the address.

I’m not suggesting the Chinese were trying to block me; I just think they are cautious and like to understand what is going on, or out. So accessing my blog was a frustrating process, and one I gave up on in the end.

Meantime we have been to China and travelled to lots of places and seen lots of things. And now we are home again in New Zealand, and readjusting to life here. I guess we are a bit burned out from it all. It has taken me 7 days to summon the energy to open Facebook, and another day to open my blog. I started downloading my photos yesterday and finished the downloading today.

That’s the easy part. It is going to take more time to digest and download China. She is a big place, with lots of surprises. We’re keen to share some of our experiences and photos. It’ll be good to do that as it’ll help us with the digesting and downloading process. Watch this space.

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