…And All That Day You’ll Have Good Luck

Meanwhile back in New Zealand we have been working at motels in Blenheim and hanging out here and there. Tuesday was a day for getting stuff done, including COF and WOF. Somehow both our truck Certificate of Fitness and our car Warrant of Fitness come round at the same time. It was late morning when we headed off to the testing station with Suzi truck. There were so many cars they were parking them backwards in the truck queue. It didn’t look good but once I managed to squeeze Suzi truck into the truck queue – we were at the head of it and only had a minute or two to wait. It wasn’t  long before we were out the other end and I had to vacate the cab to let the man check cab stuff.

That was when I found a 10 cent piece. And remembered the old rhyme “See a penny and pick it up and all that day you’ll have good luck”. I was thinking that a 10 cent piece is as close as we can get to a penny these days. Plus my day was already going lucky. So I picked up and gave it a rub for good measure.

Suzi passed all her inspections and we zoomed away, pleased we weren’t getting a WOF. But we did need a WOF for the car and we wondered if early next morning might be better. But towards the end of the day I was feeling reckless and set off back to the testing place with the car and my lucky coin still in my pocket.

You wouldn’t  believe it. It was the complete opposite. The trucks were queued out to the street and spilling over into the non-existent car queue. The receptionist said “you wouldn’t  believe it. Half an hour ago it was chaos here; cars everywhere.”

I could believe it but also understood that I was having a lucky day, thanks to a small tarnished coin. Or was that just …. coincidence.


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