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I’ve remembered about Twitter. I don’t know or understand Twitter and I don’t think I need to. Life seems quite complicated enough most of the time and some things are just a bridge too far. Like GST, the Lewis-Duckworth cricket formula, and Twitter. But Twitter did seem to offer something useful and I like useful things. Somehow I worked out that if I tweet in Twitter it turns up down the right-hand side of every blog page under the heading Breaking News. It must be some sort of magic.

It involves widgets, and I don’t know about them either, other than that they are clever things that do complicated things mostly by magic, and settings. I work on the thought that an infinite number of monkeys with keyboards would eventually fluke the settings for anything, and therefore I can too.

I thought the Breaking News idea would be a simple way to explain where in the universe we are. Except I forget to use it. I’m going to try to remember. So, if for some reason you wonder where we are, have a scan down the right-hand column of any blog page and find the Breaking News section and the most recent Twitter tweet update will be at the top.

And if anyone knows anything else useful that Twitter can do, I’d be happy to hear. Don’t tweet me though – I have no idea where that would end up. Use the Reply section below – that does get to me, magically.

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  1. Ross says:

    And now I’ve even realised that I can include pictures in tweets which then reappear in my blog Breaking News section. More magic …

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