Sandpit – Recent Travels Pt 1

Sandpit BeachWe arrived in the Bay of Plenty at the end of March to learn that it would be a while before our kiwifruit packhouse shift would be starting. We weren’t immediately concerned about that having just finished 38 days straight relief management at a busy motel in Wellington. Rather than sit around in the packhouse camp we decided to head to the beach. Any beach.

About 25kms towards Whakatane from Te Puke where the road reaches the coast is a lovely little parking place called Sandpit. It is a bit of railway reserve between the railway line and the beach. Every now and then a train hurtles through which is exciting given their proximity. It is great to see how many logs are on rail.

Sandpit Beach

Sandpit Beach – Bay of Plenty

There is currently a bit of an inlet/gulch between the parking area and the beach, maybe the result of autumn storms? It results in a bit of a detour to reach the beach but the photographers are happy.

Sandpit Beach

Motorhomes at Sandpit Beach, Bay of Plenty

The beach is popular with fishing people, some in motorhomes and some locals driving onto the beach.

Sandpit Beach

Checking out the fishing at Sandpit Beach – Whale Island in the distance


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