A Day Less Fine – Mangawhai Heads

Mangawhai Heads BeachAfter our nice fine day yesterday we were expecting another good day today. So it was a bit of a surprise to wake to rain at Snells Beach this morning. It’s OK when you’re expecting it and not when you’re not. We’d set our hearts (and stomachs) on making it to the Mangawhai market so we packed up and got on the road. For reasons I won’t bother you with we run two GPSs together. And not for the first time they had a difference of opinion on the best route to follow. We ended up taking directions from the first one that turned us off SH1. And that lead to more confusion because our road atlas claimed our route was unsealed.

Meanwhile GPS No 2 was having none of it, insisting every 30 seconds that we make a u-turn when possible or the sky would fall in. I was pointing out that a u-turn wasn’t looking feasible in the near future. Wyn was being The Mentalist and suggesting that the road and the road signs all looked new and upgraded. Faced with all this, and the fear that the market might sell out of food we pressed on. It worked out OK, with GPS No 1 and Wyn being right. We reached Mangawhai in under an hour from Snells Beach and parked up and headed to the market.

With all the rain the outside stalls were troubled with puddles; and mud. Highlights of the market were the bread woman outside with ciabatta bread that was more than 50mm high and the Turkish man inside with a great patter and even better spinach and feta filo things.

Later after lunch and a snooze we headed off in the car for an explore. We ended up at the Mangawhai Heads Beach in between showers and headed off for some exercise. There is a lookout just above the end of the road and that was worth the steps. We then enjoyed a quick walk along the beach and back; just beating the rain. It was a good day despite the weather; renewing our acquaintance with Mangawhai and getting some exercise.


Mangawhai Heads Beach

Mangawhai Heads Beach looking north – Bream Head in the distance

Mangawhai Sandspit from lookout

Mangawhai Sandspit from lookout – looking south.

Sand patterns on Mangawhai Heads beach

Sand patterns on Mangawhai Heads beach – getting abstract again …

Mangawhai Heads Beach

Mangawhai Heads Beach – looking south towards the heads.



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6 Responses to A Day Less Fine – Mangawhai Heads

  1. Jan says:

    I enjoy reading your blogs. Let’s do a walk next time you are in Auckland. Are you moving back down south?

    • Ross says:

      1. Thanks for the feedback.
      2. Yes, a walk in Auckland with you two would be nice.
      3. Yes, we are moving back down south – even if we have gone north for now. We will keep in touch as to when we’re passing back through.

  2. gay dornbusch says:

    Great blog and I laughed at the gps trouble you had. Lovely pics once again

  3. Shona & Alan says:

    I had a good laugh about your GPS experiences. We names our GPS Elsie and we had a few difference of opinions with her. We went to see Alan’s mother a couple of times and just needed the GPS for when we left/returned to Manchester. She tried to take us a couple of different ways which was a bit confusing. Also, I think, in our case, a lot of the other times it was user error on our part. Got a bit getting used to miles/yards.
    Shona 🙂

    • Ross says:

      Nice to hear from you Shona. Funny how we personalise our GPSs. Our first one which we are still using is called Nev the Nav, except when he is bad when he is called Neville. Our newer one is called Dougal because he reminds Wyn of the announcer with the lovely voice.

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