Bland Bay – Anything But

Bland BayBland Bay is a strange name for a beautiful bay adjacent to the Whangaruru Harbour at the top end of the Tutukaka Coast in Northland. We’d been at Oakura at the south head of the harbour last week, and moved around the top of the harbour and out towards the North Head. The Bland Bay camping ground is on an isthmus between the Whangaruru Harbour and Bland Bay which is an ocean beach; albeit a sheltered ocean beach. It is a lovely simple camping ground with welcoming managers and parks right by the bay.

First day was washing day and then there were walks along the beach, at the end of the day and first thing in the morning.

Bland Bay Whangaruru Harbour

Bland Bay Whangaruru Harbour. Washing day – first things first …

Bland Bay Whangaruru Harbour Coastal Coral Tree

Coastal Coral Tree beside Bland Bay

Bland Bay

Evening at Bland Bay

Bland Bay

Bland Bay – abstract photo

Pohutukawa tree Whangaruru Harbour Bland Bay

Pohutukawa tree Whangaruru Harbour Bland Bay

Bland Bay

Early morning Bland Bay

Bland Bay

Bland Bay – looking back to the sheltered inner bay and the settlement

New Zealand dotterel

New Zealand dotterel at Bland Bay. They are endangered and vulnerable as they nest right on the beach. And tricky little things to photograph without a long lens.

Bland Bay

Pohutukawa tree at Bland Bay early morning. The tenacity of these trees is extraordinary.

Bland Bay

Sand patterns on Bland Bay – early morning


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2 Responses to Bland Bay – Anything But

  1. Julia Davies says:

    A bit of post-production vignetting on that bird image?
    Fab photos.

    • Ross says:

      Thanks Ju. And yes, definitely a bit of pp vignetting. Does this mean that you haven’t spotted it on all the others? I’m going for more and more these days. First I use a standard correction thing specific to the lens to remove lens vignetting esp at wide angles (and other stuff). Then I often add some vignetting of my own back in. Helps me feel artistic…

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