I’m Walking Backwards to Winter – In Dunedin

Snow MosgielContinuing with my reconstruction of recent times, I’m happy to say that we coped well enough with our first winter in Dunedin for a number of years. It was a kind sort of winter with weeks when we wondered if it really was winter. People up north probably imagine winter in Dunedin as a battle against blizzards and bleakness. It never was but the misconception probably helps keep housing slightly affordable down here.

It can be bleak, but so can most places in New Zealand in winter. It can be wet but a lot of places are wetter. This winter was particularly dry in Dunedin, even if spring has gone soggy. We’d have been disappointed though if we hadn’t had some snow this year, and the weather didn’t disappoint. It was predicted, and arrived right on schedule; quietly before dawn.

Snow at Mosgiel

Snow at Mosgiel near Dunedin – first light

Winter scene

Winter – does this qualify for my abstract collection?

Winter scene

Winter scene, with a colour and falling snow

Winter near Mosgiel Dunedin

Winter.  I went, I saw, and I came ….

The magic of snow never goes away. Maybe that’s what magic is.

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