Emerging From Winter

Lily flower“Once more into the blog, dear friends, once more;
Or close the thing down with my posts all dead!”

We’re emerging from what has seemed like a long winter and I’m keen to rekindle this olde bloggie thing. A blog with no posts seems about as sad as the pub with no beer. Although there is still a small steady interest in some of the old posts. Particularly ‘In Search of South Head‘ for reasons I’ve always pondered. 

I don’t enjoy winter, and winters in Dunedin while working 40-hour weeks inside are not very enjoyable. But then winter relents and it’s time to get going again. Time to fire up the barbie (last weekend) and fire up the blog (this weekend). Heck, I’ve even fired up a camera.

My phone camera has been called into action, last weekend in the Botanic Gardens and last week in a cafe. While waiting for someone, the lovely lilies on the table got my attention, and my phone said “give me a go”.  It’s a new phone, and a cheap-ish one, but old Earnie Ashby did impress upon us at the tramping club that it’s not all about the gear. So my Moto G5 got a look at the lilies and here’s a look at the result – after some fiddling with Lightroom. 

Flower lily

Earnie made his point a few light-years ago with a Kodak Instamatic. What would he have made of phone cameras and Lightroom?

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  1. gay dornbusch says:

    That’s a beautiful pic and I’m so glad you still got your blog going

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