Busy Weekend

Our last weekend in the area worked out to be a busy one. My son Andrew came up in the bus on the Friday afternoon – having a break before university started. Friends of Wyn’s called round on Saturday morning and later in the day the three of us joined them for an explore of the Manuhiakea River at Galloway. Sue was keen on some gold panning and we walked up the river a bit looking for a suitable spot. The river wasn’t cold and it was a hot afternoon so the water was the place to be. It was a good evening for a BBQ back at the orchard.

Early on the Sunday morning I went out fishing with Chris on Lake Dunstan. It was a great morning, first calm then with a bit of a breeze before the wind dropped away again. We didn’t catch any fish but that didn’t seem to matter. The afternoon was another hot one so we all went searching for swimming holes in the tailings near the Clutha River upstream of the Fraser River. We finally found one which Wyn and Sue swum in. They headed home to Dunedin and we went in search of ice creams in Alexandra.

Late in the evening the three of us went for a drive up to Frasers Dam. It was a bit late for the evening sun but still gave us spectacular views towards the Hawkdun Range in the evening light. Watching the sunset was a fitting way to end our weekend and our summer in Central.

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