The Valuable Things and Other Drawers

Friday was a real good catch-up day. Wyn started to replace the lining in one of the drawers – the non-skid stuff that stops things skidding. It’s great for motorhomes except it gets a bit manky after a year or so. This turned into a major spring clean of most of the drawers and several of the cupboards and a complete overhaul of the baking supplies. I thought I’d better do something as well so went in search of the locker hinges I’d taken off to get more ventilation for our overheating solar controller. The locker door had to be moved every time we did and even I was getting a bit tired of that. The hinges had to be somewhere and eventually I found them in the boot in a box. Good. Except then I realised that I had no idea where I’d put the screws to reattach the hinges. Not good.

We have a big drawer for Valuable Things that has a lot of very useful things in it. All our keys for a start. And several headtorches. A spirit level. A tape measure – a very useful thing. Several dozen batteries in an unknown state of discharge. A battery tester that no longer tests. A handful of notebooks and pads. About 15 pens – so that’s where they all were! By this stage I was in spring-clean mode as well. After an archaeological dig of sorts I found some screws, six to be precise. And I was needing 6 so it looked like I was in luck. Sure enough they were the right ones and the hinges were soon reattached and the door was soon on the hinges. What an achievement! It only took me about two months to get it done after the overheating solar controller had been exchanged and located elsewhere. As my old father used to say – “it’s an ill wind that doesn’t blow some good” and those lost screws were good for getting the drawer-from-hell under control. We’ll not run out of pens for a long time now. We were on a roll and Wyn found the stick-on hooks we’ve had for about 6 months to hang up our keys in the same locker. Soon we had hooks for the keys and the keys all sorted. And a Valuable Things drawer that we could find things in again – even more valuable.

It was a warm sunny day and later in the afternoon we ventured into town but our enthusiasm had run out so we returned to Rita’s in time for the end of Happy Hour – or in time to keep it going to be more precise.

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