Photo of the Day #9 (SE Asia Day 1 – Kuala Lumpur)

Kuala Lumpur Apartment BlockThese warm days in Blenheim remind us a bit of our travels last year in South East Asia. Except the humidity was a whole lot higher. And the sights were a whole lot different. It’s fun to go back through our photos and see what catches my eye a year on.

We arrived at Kuala Lumpur at 7.30am on our first day. We dumped our warm tops in the rubbish bin on the way out of the airport and went off to see the city sights. This picture is of an apartment block, taken while on a hop-on bus tour around the central part of the city. I like the patterns and the colours. And the randomness.

Kuala Lumpur Apartment Block

Kuala Lumpur Apartment Block August 2011

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