Sausage Rolls at Staveley

Stavely CafeSteveley is just up the road from Mt Somers. There’s a cute cafe there so when we moved on from the Mt Somers Domain we stopped off on the way past. I was keen to try the sausage rolls which are fairly famous. It’s the least we can do to eat the icons. A lovely touch is the plastic tomato container on the table for the tomato sauce – another New Zealand icon.

Staveley Cafe

Staveley Cafe and Mt Somers

Staveley Cafe

Wyn at the Staveley Cafe

The old Stavely School

The old Stavely School

Finally we headed on up the road to Methven where we were able to park up on the edge of town. A walk downtown showed that Methven is growing and looking a bit more interesting for visitors. Since the earthquakes in Christchurch, the population has grown from 1,000 to 1,700. There was an excitement in the (cold) air – the ski season was just getting under way.


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  1. We also had read all about the “world famous in Staverley” sausage rolls when we were touring the South Island so called in to sample some when we were in the area. Very nice they were too.

    Just love picking up tips of interesting places when we are travelling. I have a collection of well thumbed books, and the AA regional travel mags have good info too. There is so much to see in these little places.

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