Back in Business – Mangere Bridge

Mangere BridgeSo let’s jump forward a bit – a big bit. We’re currently working at motels in Onehunga in Auckland. Which is a lot different to anywhere that’s not in Auckland. There’s traffic, a lot of traffic. It sort of goes one way in the morning and another way in the afternoon. Except for the times it going both ways. Apart from being a city with a lot of traffic, Auckland is also a city with a lot of sea. It must have more coastline and more beaches that any other city in the world. ‘City of Sails’ is a silly slogan. Should be ‘City of the Sea’. Or ‘City of Beaches’.

We are near the wharf – the Onehunga wharf – on the Manukau Harbour. The days of the Onehunga Wharf are mostly over. But it’s had an important strategic past. As has the Mangere Bridges; the old one and  the newer one which got significantly enlarged more recently.

Mangere Bridge

Sunset at Mangere Bridge over the Manukau Harbour

Last Sunday was a beautiful evening for a walk.

Onehunga Wharf

Cement silos at Onehunga Wharf – sunset on Manukau Harbour

The old Mangere Bridge is closed to vehicles, and open to fishing people and walking people and cycling people.

Manukau Harbour

Manukau Harbour – towards the Waitakeres from the old Mangere Bridge

Manukau Harbour

Sunset Manukau Harbour

Old Mangere Bridge

Old Mangere Bridge and Onehunga Wharf – from new Mangere Bridge

I was able to return via the walkway under the new Mangere Bridge, which carries umpteen lanes of motorway traffic. The walkway gives a lovely view of the old Mangere Bridge and the Onehunga Wharf area.

Onehunga Wharf

Old Mangere Bridge and cement silos at Onehunga Wharf, Manukau Harbour

[Photos taken on my Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 phone with processing help from Lightroom.]
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2 Responses to Back in Business – Mangere Bridge

  1. Jan Ashton says:

    Welcome to our city, I have been spending a lot of time in Onehunga of late. Mike and I head off to Tahiti in two weeks , we should try and catch up before we go, do you get any spare time. A walk over those bridges sounds fun, we have never done that

  2. Ross says:

    Thanks Jan. Will be lovely to meet up next week.

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