Storm Clouds Over the Manukau Harbour

Manukau HarbourA couple of weeks ago we got some time out from working at the motels for a walk around the other side of the Manukau Harbour – that’s the other side from Onehunga. We took the car over to Mangere Bridge, the suburb on the other side of the Mangere Bridge (so you can see where the name came from). From there we walked around the waterfront, also known as Kiwi Esplanade. We’ve often walked here on outings from Ambery Farm Park where we’ve been parked up in the past. It’s a secret gem of Auckland with waterfront properties that face the north and the sun.

It was an afternoon with a foreboding sky that finally came to nothing; all talk no action. But that’s OK.

Manukau Harbour

Manukau Harbour looking towards Onehunga

Wyn and Pohutukawa Manukau Harbour

Wyn and an old Pohutukawa tree – Manukau Harbour

Manukau Harbour

Manukau Harbour looking towards Onehunga with One Tree Hill in the middle

Manukau Harbour

Manukau Harbour looking toward Onehunga and One Tree Hill. I love the lava flows out into the harbour. It looks like they might have stopped moving last week.

Manukau Harbour

Manukau Harbour at Mangere Bridge.

[Photos taken on my Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 phone with processing help from Lightroom.]
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