The Night Before the Morning After – Moeraki Remembered

Window Fleur's restaurantTime goes forward; faster or slower, but always forward. But sometimes my memory goes backwards, and certainly my photo sorting is all over the shop. My previous post about the morning and day after our lovely meal at Fleur’s restaurant in Moeraki village did set me looking at other photos of that weekend. There were a couple more that explain Moeraki and Fleur’s place a little better, and I share them here.

I’d said about Moeraki being more of a village, in ways we don’t seem to do villages in New Zealand. It’s all over the place, in a good kind of way. The harbour is a bay that is almost horseshoe shape, and it’s sheltered from the south and the big seas that the southerlies bring. 

Moeraki Harbour

Moeraki Harbour and village. Fleur’s restaurant is at the bottom right. The beach at the top right continues to the right to the Moeraki Boulders. Spot Suzi motorhome parked up at the Moeraki Holiday Park.

A recent focus of the village is Fleur’s restaurant, and it does bring people in from all over. But it’s not a big restaurant, so it doesn’t bring in big numbers of people all at once. 

Fleur's restaurant at Moeraki

Fleur’s restaurant at Moeraki

Fleur’s restaurant is famous for the food, and rightly so. It’s also a lovely setting, rustic because the building is rustic, and fishy because it is beside the sea in a fishing village. Calling it authentic doesn’t do it justice. Somehow you couldn’t imagine it anywhere else. The restaurant has some lovely touches, like painted windows, and scribblings from earlier visitors on the woodwork. 

Fleur's restaurant at Moeraki

Painted window at Fleur’s restaurant at Moeraki

The atmosphere is great. And the food is even better. We had a wonderful meal and an evening to remember.

Us at Fleur's restaurant Moeraki

Us at Fleur’s restaurant in Moeraki


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2 Responses to The Night Before the Morning After – Moeraki Remembered

  1. gay dornbusch says:

    Interesting article and I think I’ve heard of fleurs restaurant. Lovely pic of you both

    • Ross says:

      Thanks Gay; we did scrub up OK didn’t we 🙂 And yeah, Fleur’s place is slightly well-known in NZ, but is probably in every tourist guide book so may be more known with foreigners.

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