The Rocks of Moeraki Go Round and Round

Moeraki bouldersWe had a lovely getaway earlier this year to Moeraki, less than an hour north of Dunedin where we are based just now. Moeraki is world famous for it’s spherical rocks on the beach north towards Hamden. It’s also a lovely little fishing village, and home to Fleur’s famous restaurant. There’s penguins out the back, and it was one of the settings for Kerri Hulme’s extraordinary novel ‘Bone People‘.  None of this has gone to Moeraki’s head and it hasn’t sold its soul. It’s a nice place to escape to. 

There’s a good low-key camping ground in the village. It wasn’t too busy and they let us have a great park in the front overlooking the harbour. 

Wyn and Suzi at Moeraki

Wyn and Suzi at the Moeraki Holiday Park. Fleur’s restaurant is in the distance on the right.

Wyn knew to book for Fleur’s restaurant, which was lucky. It is one of those places that you have to think ahead. It’s probably more famous with the tourists than us ‘locals’. And for good reason. She has wonderful food in a great setting. We enjoyed our evening meal and went back next morning for a coffee and some more of the atmosphere. 

Wyn at Fleur's

Wyn outside Fleur’s restaurant the morning after …

It was a murky sort of weekend; the weather was supposed to clear up but didn’t. I wandered off with my camera next morning for just a couple of minutes, but there were these rocks that distracted me ….

Moeraki Harbour

The round rocks aren’t the only interesting ones.

Moeraki Harbour

Moeraki village is a special place

We finally headed off from the village, towards the boulder beach to the north. We took some time to look for the best date scones in Hampden – I’d heard a story somewhere. Finally we headed for the beach with the boulders. It wasn’t sunny and the photographer Me was happy with that.

Moeraki Boulders Beach

The steady stream of boulder visitors

Moeraki Boulder Beach

There are no restrictions on playing with the boulders which is refreshing when you think about it.

The beach isn’t all about the big round stones. There was lots of beachy stuff as well.

Moeraki Boulder Beach

Not all the rocks ended up as big balls.

Moeraki Boulder Beach

Some boulders looked like they’d exploded, or been smashed by weird creatures …

Moeraki Boulder Beach

And one was huge and won prizes ….

But in truth, mostly it is about the strange spherical stones. They are not unique in the world, or even New Zealand. But these ones are famous, and very popular.

Meoraki Boulder Beach

There is something magical about the Moeraki boulders.


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4 Responses to The Rocks of Moeraki Go Round and Round

  1. Jan Ashton says:

    Remind me one day to tell you the story of when we went to Fleur’s for dinner….without a booking. It is a good story but too long to tell here. Love cousin Jan

    • Ross says:

      I look forward to the longer story. Darn it, I’m intrigued now 🙂
      We miss being able to catch up with you and Mike; we’ll have to get back up sometime soonish…

  2. gay dornbusch says:

    Lovely pics and Wyn looks amazing as usual

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