The Sun Goes Down and the Sun Comes Up – From Burnside

Sunset over Saddle HillWe’ve been house sitting around several different parts of Dunedin this year. It’s been fun trying out different suburbs. Different aspects and different views. Different houses and different pets. Burnside is just over the ridge of hills that rings the Otago Harbour, with views south and west. It’s a great spot for sunsets, and we enjoyed a few.

Sunset from Burnside

Sunset from Burnside, towards Abbotts Hill.

It’s also only a 45 minute walk to the Exchange, and my workplace. My walk would take me down High Street, where the Mornington cable car used to travel up and down back in the olden days. This gave me a chance to enjoy some lovely sun rises over the harbour.

Sunrise over Dunedin

Sunrise over Otago Harbour, looking down High Street, Dunedin

But for Burnside, it’s all about the setting sun. When it’s good, it’s really really good.

Sunset over Saddle Hill

Sunset Over Saddle Hill, from Burnside, Dunedin


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  1. gay dornbusch says:

    Beautiful pics as usual. Thanks for sharing them

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